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Before one begins a major construction project it is necessary to gain full clarity of the following questions:


Where / how do you begin ?

What is the process ?

What type of contractors do you need ?

What is the estimated cost of the project ?

What are the different variables of costs ?


How much control do you have over the entire process ?


These are very important questions to think about. Questions that must be explored, answered and always at the forefront of planning and implementation of any construction project.





Bad contractors giving bad or biased advice

Failure to do proper material research

Failure to take into account important building considerations

Poor planning, wasted time, wasted money, mismanaged talent

Results:  Catastrophic failure = time and money LOST !


Designing, starting, and completing a major residential or commercial construction project is a complex and demanding undertaking that requires a meticulous approach to ensure its success. It involves a multitude of tasks, such as selecting the right contractors, obtaining permits, creating a budget, and managing the project's timeline.


To guarantee that the construction project runs smoothly, it is crucial to have a high-level executive skillset that can manage the project effectively and efficiently. The executive skillset should include the ability to manage time, maximize assets, conduct thorough research, manage people, solve problems, respond to interruptions, and other critical managerial duties. These traits are not taught or covered in building code books, and therefore, it is essential to find and hire qualified professionals who can provide consultative guidance to ensure that the project is properly planned.


One common mistake made by new developers, home owners, and building owners is assuming that the contractors they hire have the necessary skillset to manage all the managerial duties required in a construction project. Building something does not necessarily mean that the contractor can also manage the entire project. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the contractors' skills and experience before selecting them for the project.


To avoid costly mistakes and delays, it is crucial to plan the construction project meticulously. Property owners should invest time and resources in selecting the right contractors and consultants who can provide guidance and expertise throughout the project's lifespan. This approach will help maximize the project's success and minimize the risk of waste or failure.





Learn. Strategize. Implement. Manage. Complete.


Our team provides comprehensive consulting services to guide you through every aspect of your construction project. From personnel and logistics to operations and construction methods, we ensure that you remain up-to-date and in control throughout the process.


As qualified consultants, we possess extensive experience and intellectual resources to offer a thorough and unbiased examination of all factors related to your construction objectives. Our expertise will save you valuable time and assure that your project meets deadlines and budgets.


By utilizing a qualified consultant, you can develop and execute the most logical, effective, and resourceful pathway forward for your construction ventures.


Determine feasibility of your project


Determine required talent – for each stage of construction.


Develop the construction plan – task, time, talent, materials and resources.


Analyze cost factors


Hire the right team


Develop a risk management plan


Evaluate safety considerations





1. Understand the purpose of the asset throughout the intended duration of the owner’s possession.


2. Understand the financial strategy for development and implications that affect completion.

  • Acquisition

  • Construction

  • Operation


3. Understand management & personnel capacity


Based on the discovery of that information we are able to generate a tailored list of construction strategy recommendations.



Eliminated wasted time


Minimizing bad spending decisions


Eliminating bad hiring decisions


Completing the project as quickly as possible


Add value to the build which maximizes the value of the asset


Add 15 years of experience to your design, implementation and management strategy


Enhance your building performance





You gain a refined understanding of the building design process


You gain an understanding of the business processes involved in a construction project


You learn how to avoid bad purchasing decisions – on both labor and materials


You develop an understanding of their labor resource requirements


You learn how to effectively management their projects and step in when necessary to mitigate setbacks or low quality installations


You are able to understand the costs of their design decisions


You start thinking like business oriented general contractors

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