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COR Consulting LLC, doing business as COR Construction, offers a comprehensive range of construction planning and management services to help our clients understand and manage the pre-construction and construction process with ease. We have expertise in all phases of construction projects and we are committed to conducting our business with high standards of integrity and diligence. Every project or construction assignment is given top priority, and our goal is to ensure that our clients' visions are executed in the most efficient and professional manner possible.



Bahar's venture into construction was serendipitous. In 2011, he embarked on a small-scale renovation project for his first youth center, which was a two-storey edifice that had once housed a hair salon and a second-storey apartment. The space was transformed into a martial arts afterschool center for the youth, christened the COR Center for Martial Arts & Community Leadership. In a twist of fate, four months later, the organization was forced to relocate due to a fire outbreak. However, this setback was a blessing in disguise as it opened up an opportunity for Bahar to renovate an abandoned historic building, the bathhouse, spanning 6,000 sq ft, located in South Baltimore. This project laid the groundwork for Bahar's dream of establishing his own construction company.

In 2013, Bahar founded COR Construction, and since then, he has executed several commercial projects, including the renowned COR Health Institute facility in East Baltimore, Charmed restaurant in Mt Vernon, and numerous other residential and commercial projects. Bahar is particularly renowned for his development work in East Baltimore, where he revitalized seven vacant houses on Collington Ave.​


DISCIPLINE – Operating by a strict code of personal and professional performance.

INTEGRITY – Driven by a constant pursuit of moral excellence.

QUALITY – Pursuing the highest standards of craftsmanship.

PRECISION – Achieving technical superiority of measurement, calculation and specification.



236220                Commercial and Institutional Construction

236115                New Single-Family Housing Construction

238130                Framing Contractor


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