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Structural framing is a crucial stage in construction, wherein the physical shape and dimensions of a building are defined, including foundations, floors, stairs, roof systems, and other structural elements such as door and window openings. It is considered the most labor-intensive and challenging phase of the construction process, but it is also the most rewarding as it brings an old building to life or defines the footprint and functionality of a new one. Upon completion of the structural framing process, which may also involve interior layout framing, all parties involved - from the client, architects, and trade contractors to engineers - can now safely walk through the property and have a clear understanding of its layout.


Clear Communication

Before any cutting of lumber is done for a construction project, it is imperative that all parties involved engage in comprehensive conversations about the design and layout of the project. This is to ensure that every detail is clearly understood and agreed upon by all parties. These conversations should include specific measurements such as the length, width, and height of the structure. They should also cover door and window openings, stair openings, header schedules, blocker requirements, and any other framing detail, even the smallest ones.



Efficiency Planning

At COR Construction, we place a great deal of emphasis on the construction process we use for each project. We believe that the key to a successful construction project is careful planning and preparation. To ensure that we are able to construct our projects in the most efficient and effective manner possible, we take the time to analyze every aspect of the job before we begin.


Waste Reduction

By maximizing the use of building materials, we aim to minimize waste as much as possible. This not only benefits the environment, but it also helps the client save money in two significant ways. Firstly, we avoid overspending on unnecessary materials by carefully planning and using only the required amount of materials. This ensures that the client's budget is utilized in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Secondly, by minimizing waste, we reduce the amount of cleaning and waste removal required, which can be a significant cost for the client. By incorporating sustainable practices in our building process, we strive to provide the client with the most economical and environmentally-friendly solution possible.


Lumber Sourcing Partner

We enjoy the privilege of having a working relationship with Stark Truss Baltimore – a leading provider of structural framing products including LVLs, I-joists, and professional engineered floor and roof truss systems. Once we have a solid understanding of a client’s project framing requirements – we share our data with Stark Truss and they deliver the products we need to complete our framing specs.

COR Construction provides the following structural framing installation services:


Floor systems

Wall systems

Window & Door openings

Roof systems


Interior layout framing



We provide framing services for:

Small commercial units 500 – 5000 sf

New construction homes   - up to 4000 sf

Partially demolished or structurally compromised homes

Row homes or detached homes

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