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The specific type of project is not important to us. Whether it's a luxury condominium, a rental property, or a small office space, we approach each one with the same set of core values: discipline, integrity, quality, and precision. We have a deep understanding of design and construction documents, and we are knowledgeable about various materials and their applications. We prioritize technical excellence by adhering to building codes or exceeding them.


We provide construction services similar to everyone else. However, what distinguishes us is our unique approach towards construction that reflects in our workmanship, culture of discipline, and performance methods. COR Construction is like the special forces of construction. It is equivalent to having a highly skilled and well-trained military unit come and build your home or commercial property.


We offer complete wood framing contracting services for both residential and commercial structures. Our team comprises highly skilled and disciplined carpenters who work under the guidance of thorough and meticulous leaders. Our aim is to achieve absolute perfection in each stage of the construction process. Before commencing any work, we ensure that construction drawings are thoroughly reviewed, discussed, and finalized to prevent any mistakes or waste.


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The success of a construction project is contingent upon the quality of decisions made throughout its duration. Our team is well-equipped to guide you through the decision-making process. We offer comprehensive services that encompass a review of the construction process, budget analysis, contractor selection, material research, and any other relevant aspects that will ensure the successful execution of your construction project to your exacting standards. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and intelligence to help you make the most informed decisions.


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If you are planning to redesign your living space or providing one for someone else, it's important to aim for top quality. Unfortunately, the construction industry is known for making big promises but failing to deliver. Shady contractors, undisciplined work crews, unorganized objectives, and inexperienced builders can lead to unsatisfactory results. Therefore, it's important to do your research and choose a reliable and knowledgeable team for your project.



The process of commercial construction demands meticulous planning, coordination, and organization. It requires a highly skilled and experienced leader to manage the talent, logistics, and every phase of the project. At COR Construction, we specialize in executing well-organized commercial construction projects within the range of 10,000 sq ft and under. We pay close attention to detail, supervise every phase of the building process, monitor costs, and maintain clear communication with inspectors and third-party vendors to ensure smooth execution of the project.


How can you determine the cost of a project before committing to it? Our company offers a comprehensive cost assessment procedure which goes beyond the free work estimates that many companies provide. This assessment provides a detailed evaluation of the process, materials and costs required to construct your desired property. By making a small investment in this procedure, we can provide you with the information you need to make the right investment decisions, ultimately saving or earning you money.

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