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We use a value and performance-based approach to constructing residential and commercial real estate assets, starting with the design phase.


  1. Value – we focus on the building practices and features that increase the financial value of the asset.


  1. Performance - We prioritize construction techniques and features that enhance the quality, functionality, and durability of the asset.


We believe that there are many opportunities being missed in the construction industry due to a misguided focus on completing projects as cheaply as possible. While we understand that cost is always a consideration when making design decisions, there are other equally important factors that should also influence the design process. These include the intended value of the building and its overall performance.


We strongly believe that the purpose of creating a real estate asset is to provide long-term value not only to the current owner but also to future owners. We also believe that those who create such assets should have a solid reputation. This reputation will be significantly influenced by the experiences of the users of those assets. In other words, a good reputation translates to increased value.


Real estate assets should be designed using methods that maximize the life and use of the property. We do not recommend taking the cheap, quick, and easy route when it comes to installing drywall. Instead, we encourage our clients to use effective, proven, and industry-accepted practices that ensure the longevity of all the major parts of the building. What happens behind the walls is much more important than the finishing touches added after the walls go up. We prioritize performance longevity in our approach.


Our tier of priority for designing commercial or residential buildings is guided by the Value & Performance framework, which we use to assist clients in decision making.

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