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Our Priorities

To teach young people the core fundamentals of personal and professional achievement. We teach real life concepts that have immediate and long-term impacts. The focus is helping students to identify, prioritize, and manage their personal, work, and educational opportunities.


To inspire young people to find meaningful purpose using their construction knowledge obtained through participation in our program. Our job is to help young people understand that the construction industry offers way more than just a “blue collar” paycheck. We expose them to a variety of pathways of construction careers that can fit their outlook on life and social development.


To provide an intense training experience that changes or improves the personal and professional trajectory of the participants who complete the program. We are equipping young people with the tools, skills, knowledge and relationships to advance themselves in the construction industry. 

Who We Serve

Our primary beneficiaries are young people who are in their beginning stages of professional development and want to pursue a career in the construction industry.


Where We Operate

We are currently operating in the Baltimore region. The carpentry school is located at the center of a 10-acre campus in South Baltimore. This campus contains: Stark Truss Baltimore which is a wood truss manufacturing facility that produces floor trusses, roof trusses, wall components and I-joist packages. Modu Tech which is a large, rough carpentry, framing operation headquartered on the campus. Modu Tech also operates a lumber reload facility and lumber yard. There are various design professionals working on the campus as well. Our belief is working inside of the environment will help our students see the many opportunities in the field that we will be teaching in the classroom.


There are many members of the construction community who want to see the continuity of an industry that we work in, love, and cherish. There are a few of us who are investing to ensure that vision is realized. The COR Construction Bootcamp program is created through a partnership of community and business members in the Baltimore region that share a passion for cultivating young talent in the industry.


Modu Tech

Stark Truss Baltimore

COR Construction


Stray tuned for enrollment information for our next program cohort.

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